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MARLEY RED wine is made from grapes grown on the southerly slopes of the Abberley Hills in north west Worcestershire. It is made from a combination of 3 red grapes namely RONDO,PINOT NOIR and REGENT. We are pleased to be associated with Halfpenny Green vineyards who do the wine making for us. They have many years experience growing and making quality wines.

Our wine is a dry red, not too heavy with an alcoholic content of between 10% and 12% depending on the year. It has a deep rich red colour and has fruity flavours especially blackberries and plums. It is suitable to drink on all occasions and best drunk at room temperature after letting it breathe for an hour or two.


The vineyard is in a corner of Mill Orchards in Great Witley a commercial orchard growing quality apples and pears for the fresh market. Mill Orchards has been owned and run by the van Tongeren family since 1987. The vines were planted in 2008 on a small area in the corner of the farm amounting to about 0.2 ha (half an acre). The ground is stoney sandy loam with sandstone and limestone rock underneath. The vines are grown 1.2 metres apart on a double guyot system with the rows 3m apart. There are some 400 vines of each variety

Peter and Julia van Tongeren launching MARLEY RED at the Teme Valley Market in 2013